Rockin Royalty Baby

Meet the Owner!

Morgan is the proud owner of Rockin Royalty Baby, LLC. She is married with 3 beautiful children and strives to be a great Mommy while growing her business each year. Her goal is to expand the brand with the help of other hard working local moms. Rockin Royalty employees women that have a passion for children's fashion and making customer service a top priority! Many products are made locally by these fabulous hard-working women. Morgan loves to see the unique Rockin Royalty products on children all around the world! To learn more about Morgan and her family click below!

Rockin Royalty is a Texas brand owned by a Mommy, Morgan Salcido that loves unique children's products!

Morgan opened a small children's boutique in Texas when her first son was a few months old. This tiny shop quickly expanded and over a few years Rockin Royalty started producing products of their own. 

Rockin Royalty makes the most loved and popular ruffled headbands by local moms as well as luxurious faux fur blankets that are also made locally by a group of woman. Morgan keeps up with the infant trends and also owns a showroom at Dallas Market Center where Rockin Royalty is presented and sold to specialty shops across the world. 

Our goal is to expand our brand and have babies and children across the world in our wonderful products.