Introducing Rockin Royalty, a Texas-based brand owned by the dedicated mompreneur, Morgan Salcido. With a passion for unique children's products, Morgan embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by opening a small children's boutique in Texas when her first son was just a few months old. Little did she know that this humble beginning would be the foundation for a thriving business.

As word spread about the charming boutique, Rockin Royalty quickly gained popularity and began producing their own line of products. One of their signature creations is the beloved ruffled headbands, meticulously handcrafted by local moms who share Morgan's passion for quality and style. These headbands have become a staple in the wardrobes of many little fashionistas.

Not stopping at headbands, Rockin Royalty also specializes in luxurious faux fur blankets. These cozy and indulgent blankets are lovingly made by a talented group of women right in the local community. The dedication and craftsmanship put into each piece reflect the brand's commitment to providing the finest products for babies and children.

To stay ahead of infant trends and cater to a wider audience, Morgan established a showroom at the prestigious Dallas Market Center. This allows Rockin Royalty to showcase and distribute their products to specialty shops across the world. The brand's presence in the global market continues to grow, with little ones from various corners of the globe adorning themselves in the wonderful creations of Rockin Royalty.

With an unwavering vision to expand the brand's reach, Morgan and her team are dedicated to bringing Rockin Royalty products to babies and children worldwide. The joy of seeing children everywhere enjoy and cherish their unique creations fuels their drive and passion.

Join us on this exciting journey as we dress the little royalty in your life with our exceptional products, lovingly made by local moms and cherished by families around the world.