As a new parent, you want to ensure your little one is dressed comfortably during the warm summer months. The sunny days and balmy nights in mid-July can be unbearable if not appropriately dressed. But with so many different options for newborns, it can be challenging to know precisely what is necessary and what isn't when it comes to clothing essentials. That's why we have compiled this comprehensive list of must-have items for newborns during the warmer months to keep them looking and feeling cool! So, if you are planning to buy baby clothes, read on for all our top tips on keeping babies comfortable throughout the season.

Summer Newborn Essentials to Keep Them Happy

Baby Carrier:

A baby carrier is a must-have item for any new parent for a summer baby. A baby carrier provides extra comfort and security for your little one. It helps keep them close and secure when you're out and about. Breathable baby carrier come in various styles, such as wraps, slings, or structured carriers that offer adjustable straps and support. Look for one with breathable fabric to keep your baby comfortable during the hot summer days. Remember an easy-to-use infant insert with removable padding to ensure your baby fits well within the carrier.

Stroller Fan for Baby Cool:

A stroller fan is an essential accessory to stay cool during the summer months for your summer baby. Many models come with adjustable speeds so you can choose the right level of air circulation for your baby's comfort. Some even have directional nozzles that allow you to direct the airflow wherever you need it most. Battery-operated fans are a great choice if you plan on taking trips outside your home environment; they'll help keep your little ones comfortable while sleeping or just relaxing outdoors.

Outdoor Blankets:

Outdoor blankets are an excellent asset for outdoor activities like picnics or trips to the park with your newborn in tow. An outdoor blanket should be lightweight, water-repellent, and sun resistant; look for a model that offers maximum breathability without compromising its durability. A waterproof underside will prevent moisture from soaking onto the ground or into fabrics like car seats or strollers. Choose bright colors if possible, making it easier to spot your blanket in crowded areas!

Baby Onesies:

When it comes to keeping your newborn baby comfortable and stylish during the hot summer months, there's nothing better than a cute onesie. Baby onesies come in various colors, styles, and sizes, so you can find one that fits your little one perfectly. They're also lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for summer days outdoors. Plus, they keep your baby's belly covered and protected from the sun's rays. You can even use headbands with bows to style your baby. 

Bottle Cooler:

Staying hydrated is essential for both adults and babies during the hot summer months. A bottle cooler is an ideal way to ensure that your baby's milk or formula is always kept at a safe temperature. Fill it up with ice or cold water before going out, and you won't have to worry about your baby getting overheated or dehydrated.

Washcloths & Diaper Bag

Keeping your baby clean can be a daunting task in the summertime heat. Washcloths are perfect for wiping away sweat, dirt, and stickiness from the baby's skin without irritating it further. Make sure to get washcloths made with soft materials like cotton or bamboo to prevent rashes while gently cleaning their sensitive skin. Also, remember to carry a diaper bag and an extra bag for dirty diapers.

Sunscreen Lotion:

Protect your baby from the summer sun with a gentle, hypoallergenic sunscreen lotion. Choose one that offers broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays. For best results, apply generously and often to exposed areas of skin. Remember to check the expiration date before you purchase! When applying sunscreen, look for ingredients like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which offer physical barriers against the sun's rays as opposed to chemical-based sunscreens.

Sun Hat:

Keep your baby safe in the summer heat with an adjustable-brimmed hat. A wide brim will provide maximum coverage of their face and neck area, blocking out the direct sunlight that can cause burns and skin damage. Look for hats made with UPF fabric (ultraviolet protection factor) that has been tested and certified to be effective against ultraviolet radiation. Opt for a hat with adjustable ties or straps so it stays put when your little one moves around. Find a style that also features mesh panels for breathability on hot days.


As the days become longer and hotter, parents of newborns should be sure to stock up on a pair of sunnies for their little ones. Baby sunglasses are essential for summertime protection from the sun's harmful UV rays, which can damage delicate baby skin. Not only do sunglasses safeguard your child's eyes from ultraviolet radiation, but they also act as a great fashion accessory for your little one!

When shopping for sunglasses for babies and toddlers, look for styles with wraparound frames and polycarbonate lenses. These types of frames provide better coverage of the eyes and prevent peripheral light from entering. They have better sun shade protection too. Additionally, opt for lenses with UVA/UVB protection to ensure complete safety. Lastly, make sure your infant or toddler is comfortable in their chosen style by having them try them on!

Bug Spray

Enjoying outdoor activities during summertime with your newborn can be fun but also poses a risk when it comes to pesky bugs like mosquitoes and gnats. To protect your infant and toddler from these critters, consider stocking up on bug spray with safe ingredients that won't harm their sensitive skin.

When selecting bug sprays for babies and toddlers, make sure to read through the labels carefully. Avoid products that contain DEET or any other harsh chemicals like linalool, as infants are more susceptible than adults to skin irritation when exposed to such substances. Instead, opt for natural bug repellents made with plant-based oils such as citronella or lemongrass oil which are safe and effective against mosquitoes and other flying insects.


Swimsuits are an essential item to have for any newborn during the warm summer months. They keep babies safe from the sun's harmful UV rays and provide a comfortable and practical way for them to cool off. With so many cute styles and patterns of baby swimsuit options on the market, it can be difficult to know what type of suit is best for keeping your infant happy in the pool or at the beach. You can also consider swim diapers for your baby. Here are some tips and considerations when picking out a swimsuit for your little one:

Material - Be sure to select a swimsuit made from lightweight materials like nylon or spandex that won't weigh down your baby in the water. Additionally, it should be quick-drying and chlorine-resistant so it can withstand regular exposure to pool chemicals.

Fit - Look for a suit with an adjustable neckline, leg openings, and waistband so you can easily adjust it as your baby grows over time. Aim for a snug fit—not too tight or loose—to ensure comfort while preventing sagging or slipping off while in the water.

Coverage – Make sure the suit provides adequate coverage by selecting a style that reaches from the neck to below the knees (or diaper area). This will help protect their skin from the sun's harsh rays as well as chafing caused by sand and other debris entering their clothing.

With these considerations in mind, you can easily find an adorable yet practical swimsuit that will keep your newborn content all summer long!

Knotted Baby Gowns

Let your little bundle of joy experience superior comfort and movement in a knotted baby gown. The gown has a flowy design with a knot at the bottom that can be undone for easy diaper changes. The soft and stretchable fabric allows the baby to kick around while keeping them at ease. The gown also comes with hand coverings to prevent face scratches.

You can buy knotted baby gowns in different colors and patterns available at Rockin Royalty. Made of breathable Bamboo fabric, these knotted gowns will be the perfect gift for your little one this summer.


It's clear that new parents have a lot on their plate when it comes to preparing for the summer season. From sunscreen and hats to baby pools and lightweight clothing, plenty of newborn must-haves can make summer more fun and comfortable. Keep in mind that even the most well-equipped change of season can bring unexpected challenges, so try not to overlook small details like bug spray and mosquito netting. Lastly, feel free to ask around for tips from other parents - chances are they've encountered anything you may have yet to think of! These basic tips will help you keep your little one safe, sound, and well-prepared for whatever comes next this summer.

April 27, 2023 — Morgan Salcido

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